How much time will my dog spend in a kennel or cage during the day?

Many facilities still keep the dogs isolated, confined in small rooms for large portions of the day. Don’t let cute names fool you – suites, lofts, cabins, etc are just another name for crates or pens. Arbor Dog Daycare is a large, cage-free facility. Your dog will not be put into a cage or “suite” while at Arbor Dog Daycare.

Are the dogs promoted to go to the bathroom outside?

Some day cares do not take the dogs on outdoor walks and the dog’s training to potty outside can be put in jeopardy. At Arbor Dog Daycare we take every dog out for a minimum of 4 walks throughout the day at daycare. There are two more additional walks if a we also board your four-footed family member.

How do you handle injuries?

A dog can get a scratch – just like kids at a playground, these things will happen. It’s good to find out if the staff has been trained to administer first aid for these occasions as well as how they are prepared to handle more serious emergencies. All Arbor Dog Daycare employees are trained in Canine First Aid to ensure the safety and security of your loved one.


Is there a staff member with my dog at ALL times?

In most overnight boarding environments, once the lights go out the doors are locked, the staff goes home and leaves your dog isolated and without supervision. There is no-one In these facilities to care for the dogs or ensure their safety. In case of a medical emergency or a fire, there is on-one to ensure the safety of your dog.

At Arbor Dog Daycare, a staff member actually stays with the dogs 24 hours a day to ensure that all of their needs are met while ensuring their safety and security. This is particularly important with dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, as it is the separation from people, not dogs that can drive this behavior.

What is included in the boarding cost?

Many boarding facilities draw people in with low prices for their “basic” service package, but end up costing you substantially more with optional “add-ons”. Make sure you know what is included as well as how much it will cost you to get the service level you want for your dog. Arbor dog daycare doesn’t charge extra fees for our competitors “add-ons”. All dogs will enjoy a full day of daycare with multiple walks, enjoy the food you serve at home, have medicines delivered (if applicable), and be given the special care and attention that all dogs receive at Arbor Dog Daycare.