Our 3 year old lab mix loves Arbor Dog probably as much as he loves his own home. Whenever we get out of the car there he literally jumps for joy, and he dreads having to leave his friends at the end of the day or weekend. It’s so great that they all sleep in the same room together instead of being separated at night.

The staff there know him and me by name and always give great reports. On occasion he’ll get a scrape or something because he plays pretty hard but they always let me know and treat it if necessary with a little ointment. The webcams are great for checking in, too.

-Kelsey G. P. (Boo)


Our dog loves coming here. He gets very excited and barks all the way into the facility. The staff is great and takes his excitement all in stride. I love the webcams so I can check on what he is doing. I love the convenience of being able to drop him off anytime during their open hours. Their prices are very reasonable too. It is a great facility. Would recommend it to anyone.

-Anne S. (Darwin)



It is such a relief to be able to rely on Arbor Dog Daycare when I’m out of town or having work done on my house.

I only use Arbor Dog Daycare once or twice a month on average, but they know my dogs by name every time. My dogs always come home happy and tired out. Their bathing and nail services are also excellent.

Couldn’t be happier!

-Dan S. (Gus & Violet)


I love that the day care is cage free and someone sleeps with the doggies overnight if they are being boarded. Their webcam option is also awesome, but addictive. Before you know it, half an hour has gone by of watching your dog play with other dogs. Everyone that works here is really nice.

Mei O.

The staff here a such good, kind, and honest people. My dog is a great judge of character and he loves this place. I wish they had people-lodging!

Cara C.

Since coming to Arbor Dog daycare, our once timid dog has learned how to socialize. We love being able to see him play during the day on the web cams. The staff is very caring and our dog adores them.

Zaje Harrell (Ness)

Arbor Dog daycare has friendly staff, flexible drop off and pick up hours, and great location. I can trust that my dog is safe when I take him there, since dogs are grouped by temperament and supervised. Best of all, my dog loves going, and comes home tired!

John H (Blue)

Our dog Jake has been attending Arbor Dog for the past 4 years and he absolutely loves it! From the moment you walk in the door at Arbor Dog you feel welcome and like family; staff members even recognize their clients while in the community & remember not only the dogs name, but the dogs family’s names. I have referred many friends (and their dogs) to Arbor Dog. Great place!

Christina T (Jake)

Cage free, great facility. New outdoor area for the dogs to run. The best staff and the owner Margaret takes care of Rocky like he’s her own. I feel completely leaving him in their capable hands for a day or 2 weeks.

Rebecca C (Rocky)

We’ve been taking our dog there for four years and Jake LOVES it. The staff is great – you can tell they are all dog-lovers. Jake is always happy to get there and can’t wait to get inside and play with his buddies. And I know he’s having a great time because I can watch him on the webcam!

Ellen U (Jake)

My dog loves to go there!


So impressive! Lots of room for the active dogs to romp and play but still plenty of cushy places for rest. The staff is very responsive, playful, and kind. It’s obvious they love dogs and the dogs certainly love them right back. The interaction is great to watch.


There’s no better place for your canine companion to spend time away from you – it’s a home away from home!


Arbor Dog Daycare is definitely your dogs home away from home – warm, caring and fun!


Close interaction w/ dogs. A caring and knowledgeable staff that are wonderfully attentive to each pup! The facilities are large, clean, well staffed, and dog-fun friendly. I love dropping my dog off for the day for the spectacular daycare. Although I have not boarded him overnight yet, I would do so with confidence.


Arbor Dog Daycare has helped improve both the social skills and anxiety issues that my dog used to have. I can always trust that she will have a great time and come home both happy and well- exercised. Thank You Arbor Dog Daycare!


The best daycare and boarding in the area! My dogs are actually happy when we pull in and boy do them come home tired after a day of playing with doggie friends!


Fantastic place! Our older dog attends Arbor Dog and has lost weight and become more interactive. A great alternative to a dog staying home in a crate.


The arbor dog daycare facility has been a great resource for us. Particularly when he was younger, our lab couldn’t go through the day without supervision, and after touring several facilities we decided on Arbor dog daycare. This facility was so well organized and orderly, we knew we had found the right place for Max.

Jenny Frick (Max)

I only have positive things to say about the owners, and have always had a positive experience with taking my dog there.

Reena Salgia

I adopted Molly from a dog rescue in 2005, and she has severe unexplained separation anxiety, which has not been ameliorated by medication, training classes, long walks, and a number of other things. While Molly is a perfectly well-behaved dog when someone is with her, I am unable to leave Molly in her crate for more than two hours at a time (any longer and she salivates excessively and attempts to chew her way out of her sturdy plastic crate, despite the fact that we have to reinforce the door of her crate with chains).

The lone aid in my struggle to deal with Molly’s severe separation anxiety has been Arbor Dog Daycare. When I drop Molly off at Arbor Dog, I know that she will be well taken care of. (I’m amazed at how much the workers at Arbor Dog care for each dog and that they know each dog by name!)

In short, Arbor Dog gives each dog excellent care

Lorraine Knop

It has been wonderful for the dog, and for us. He loves the staff, plays with the other dogs, and is now so well socialized that we can take him anywhere. He walks downtown with us, sits quietly under the table when we eat outside at Grizzly Peak or other restaurants, is well-behaved in Border’s and other stores that allow dogs, and is polite when we encounter other dogs. People often comment on what a calm, well-behaved dog he is, and other dog owners often say they wish their dog was like Jake. In short, he is a very good doggie citizen and I give much of the credit to Arbor Dog Daycare. I don’t work anymore, but we have continued to take Jake there once a week because he absolutely loves it and it is so good for him.

Ellen Urda

I work at the UM Briarwood complex and use Arbor Dog Care twice a week and am very pleased with their business. They are caring, observant, and diligent in their efforts to entertain and monitor the dogs in their care. I have a 45 minute drive to work and appreciate the convenience of their location.

Andrea Hofmann

We are customers of Arbor Dog, and have found their operation to be well run and the staff to be very cooperative.

Kathy Studer

I have been extremely pleased with how Arbor Dog has treated my dog “Callie” over the past year and know that the owner and employees will continue to provide high quality service

C. Michael Palmer (Callie)

Arbor Dog Daycare has been a great place to take Jackson. Before he started attending daycare he would bark and pull on his leash when he saw another dog, and chew on the furniture while sitting at home alone during the day. Being around other dogs and people at daycare has helped Jackson immensely, and now I don’t worry about what he’ll see when we go for a walk or what the furniture will look like when I get home, because he has learned to socialize and is a more content dog. The staff at Arbor Dog Daycare is the best and I always feel like Jackson is in good hands, getting lots of play and attention. Finding Arbor Dog Daycare was the best thing to happen for both Jackson and me.

Thanks for all your help,

Jim Spicer (Jackson)

Since coming to Arbor Dog Daycare, our once timid dog has learned how to socialize. We love being able to see him play during the day on the web cams. The staff is very caring and our dog adores them.

Zaje Harrell (Ness)

When I tell my friends and relatives my dogs are enrolled in a daycare setting, I am often met with laughter, but when I explain the attention, exercise and social interaction they receives, the laughter usually changes to questions about hours, rates and enrollment availability.

JoLeen Wagner-Felkey (Fargo & Buddy)

It has been a great experience where he is able to play with his friends, the staff is top notch, and the hours are very convenient… …having him run up to the door at Day Care and see his tail wagging contently offers piece of mind that he is not home bored and getting into mischief. I strongly recommend Arbor Dog Daycare.

Ian McDowell (Cow)

Samson is our third dog at Arbor Dog Daycare. Each dog, 2 puppies and a 12 year old, Are known by name and have their individual needs met by the attentive, caring and well trained staff. Samson has learned to play, share and socialize well with people and other dogs. The webcam, holiday pictures and the birthday parties are additional benefits. Every morning Samson eagerly waits to hear – let’s go to school. He runs to the car, through the door at daycare and jumps until he is let in to play. When he gets home after 10-12 hours of play, he happily settles into a deep sleep. We cannot imagine having a puppy without benefiting from the support of Arbor Dog Daycare.

Jon O. Lockard and Leslie H. Kamil